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About us...


The Owners:

Mike Peters and Dean Pearson (me) -- two Hamilton-born entrepreneurs with strong ties to the city and its people.  Mike owned The Pour House restaurant & bar.  I own New2You Buy&Sell.  My dad worked at City Hall for more than 20 years.  Mike once ran for mayor.  We've both been Ti-Cat season ticket holders.  We both went to school on the mountain (Mike went to Barton; I went... well, a lot of different places).  We both love this town and we love food.  We see The George Hamilton as a chance to combine the two.


The Place:

Our 160 year old building stands at the corner of King & Bay, on land deeded by Sir Allan MacNab.  We have a private dining area, a second bar, a lounge, a street-side patio, and a rooftop patio.


Scenes of old Hamilton adorn the tabletops and large murals of Hamilton's skyline and and waterfalls fill the walls.


You can take a date here.  Or the gang from the office.  Or the family.  My kids eat here all the time; so do Mike's.

You can do lunch with us.  Or dinner.  Or drinks.

You won't feel out of place in jeans.  Or in a suit.

We have smiling faces out front and trained chefs in back. (Don't worry, the chefs are smiling too.)





The Food:

No franchise, corporate, heat-and-serve, boil-in-bag, pre-packaged, pre-made nonsense.


We make real food for real Hamiltonians -- at a price real Hamiltonians can afford.


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