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Made fresh for you


Here at the George Hamilton we try to make as many of our delicious items as we can fresh and in-house. We hand cut our own steaks. We hand cut and house bread our own chicken fingers — and then serve them with plum sauce we make in house from fresh plums. We hand roll the crab rolls and hand batter the haddock in our fish & chips, which we serve with our own housemade tartar sauce. We make our own burgers, and our spinach dip, and none of our soups ever come from a bag or a can. We make our own mayonnaise and all our aiolis. The Carolina Sticky Sauce starts from a big pot of molasses; the teriyaki starts from a big pot of mirin (Japanese vinegar). We make the Thai Chilli sauce and the Memphis Barbecue, and tomorolo red sauce, and the pesto, and the Alfredo, and all of our salad dressings. We roast beef bones to make our gravy and then pour that over fries we cut in house. I admit, we don’t make everything, but we do make a lot of your food right here from scratch.

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